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Turnkey implementation

INERCO's team is composed of high qualified specialists in with relevant experience in the acoustic industry.

INERCO can provides turnkey solutions following a methodology based in 4 steps:

    • Phase 1: Situation Diagnosis
      During on-site visits to the facility (building, industrial area or construction zone), we will perform a diagnosis of the problem, using noise and vibration measurement techniques, acoustic modeling and our experience. We will clearly present the origin of the problem, and make an economic evaluation of the solution.


    • Phase 2: Design and manufacturing
      We will design your solution, perform plans and models to define the constructive solutions: insulating elements (doors, windows, floating floors, etc.) acoustic barriers (screens, enclosures), silencers, acoustic absorbent systems and anti-vibration systems.
      We will manufacture the elements send to your facilities.


    • Phase 3: Implementation
      We will implement the solution, supervising the assembly and installing all the noise control systems.


    • Phase: 4 Verification of Results
      We will perform acoustic measurements to verify the compliance of the new noise levels.