Noise control in buildings

INERCO offers enclosure elements as well as products and constructions systems for acoustic insulation and reverberation treatment of buildings. The proper selection of materials and robust construction guarantee the high durability and good architectural integration in the context of compliance with regulations.

We are experts in the following types of acoustic treatments for edification:

    • Turnkey acoustic solutions for noisy equipment such as: HVAC, transformers, electric generators, elevators, pump rooms, etc.
    • Soundproofing of recording studios, broadcasters, acoustic treatments on television, radio and recording facilities.
    • INERCO has a longstanding history of producing some of the best sound proof rooms and booths available in the marketplace.
    • Absorption & reverberation control: INERCO offers a range of acoustic panels to reduce echo and reverberation inside buildings. By reducing reverberation, a softer sound can be achieved, improving speech intelligibility and reducing the stress of a noisy environment.
      • Improvements of acoustic conditions in polyfunctional spaces: sports halls, swimming pools, gymnasiums, etc.
      • Improvements of acoustic conditions of special buildings: lecture theaters, meeting rooms, dining rooms, classrooms, nurseries, museums, temples, churches, corridors and open spaces un airports, hospitals, operating theaters, train stations, etc.
    • Test rooms: anechoic chambers, laboratory / education / research test buildings, engines noise test cells, auditoriums, cinemas, audiometric booths.
    • Music practice rooms: modular music rooms are the perfect environment for musical and vocal performance and assessment. We offer modular flexibility for easy relocation and modification, including acoustic doors, acoustic windows, ventilation systems, etc.