Industrial noise control

Power generation: Working on the main sources of noise, such as steam exhaustion (noise associated safety-valves, start-up valves, blow down and flash back recipients, ejectors, etc.), combustion engine exhaust gases (gas, diesel and natural gas), combustion air intakes with filtration and silencing systems, sound proofing enclosures for boilers and turbine cooling, stack silencers.

We are the right business partner for gas and steam turbines, compressors, generators and pump applications.


Rotating and reciprocating machines, e.g. turbines, compressors, generators, pumps, transformers, blowers, etc.

INERCO has great experience in providing the best soundproof shields and enclosures for a wide range of machines, with the aim of reaching the required acoustic level while ensuring proper ventilation inside the enclosure, so levels of temperature and pressure stay within the limits for safe equipment operations.


Steam ventilation systems: INERCO has optimized the expansion and diffusion systems ensuring a highly effective noise reduction of the valve venting noise for power, oil and gas applications. Our vent and blowdown silencers are applicable to all types of safety, snort, control valves or ejector, whichever fluid is used.

Our approach is highly adapted to the specific needs of each client, providing maximum flexibility in terms of process conditions, silencer configuration and material selection to suit the application and budget required.


HVAC Systems: INERCO has a long experience designing and implementing systems that reduce noise in refrigeration towers, chillers, vents and all kind of machinery associated with air and water moving.

Acoustic shields and enclosures, with silencers and acoustic louvers custom designed (depending on space and pressure drop available), etc.


Workers protection against noise: We offer reliable solutions at reasonable cost in response to all needs related to soundproofing (preventive and curative) through ergonomic equipment (standard or tailor made). The quality of design and execution reaches the highest standards required in this area: workshop boots, soundproofed control rooms and soundproofed offices in all sectors of activity.

Noise reduction at its source: enclosures (acoustic hoods) for noisy machinery and equipment, soundproofing partitions, limitation of noise propagation by using acoustical screens.

Related features such as mobility of the walls / subsets, visibility, ventilation, lighting, securities and fire protection are integrated in robust constructions with high quality terminations ensuring the long-term durability.

Acoustic improvements, like the reduction of the reverberation, in working premises, through the implementation of suspended acoustic ceiling tiles and baffles or installing acoustic wall panels also contribute to improve the visual ambiance.