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Stack silencers


The noise produced in industrial stacks requires customized design of silencers. The proper design of each stack silencer is critical, due to the noise emission spectrum (highly influenced by low frequencies and pure components) and the large dimensions of the stacks. Attenuations higher than 30 dB at frequencies under 250 Hz are not a standard solution.

Stack silencers are made of parallel or concentric baffles, similar to the solution used in dissipative silencers but larger in size. Dimensions and weight of these silencers require special attention to structural elements.


Design parameters:

The design of the stack silencers depends on the following factors:

  • Stack diameter
  • Type of fluid
  • Mass flow
  • Operating temperature
  • Noise spectrum
  • Attenuation required
  • Maximum pressure drop


Customized design:

Our designs are optimized for acoustic, mechanical performance, and transportation and installation costs.

INERCO can adapt the silencer design to the client´s requirements:

  • Material selection: carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.
  • Temperature limits up to 650 ºC.
  • Protective coating and surface treatment.
  • Drainage to evacuate condensates.
  • Nondestructive test: penetrant dyes and X-Rays.
  • Phytosanitary packing.
  • Accessories: flanges, counter flanges, expansion joints, nameplates, insulation clips, lifting lugs, side supports, etc.
  • Engineering: mechanical calculations (support reactions, vibration modes, stress and maximum strain, fatigue, etc.) and fluid dynamics (calculation of the distribution of pressure, velocities, self-noise and temperature).
  • Acoustic measurements.