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Soundproof equipment

Acoustic Doors: Room isolation design are as effective as their weakest link. Doors present many challenges that can be solved with the metallic acoustic doors (INADOOR).

When the door is not properly constructed, it will transmit sound energy from one room to another. Additionally, air gaps not sealed enough are pathways for sound propagation to adjacent spaces.

INERCO offers custom-manufactured acoustic doors with soundproofed isolation from level STC-36 to STC-43 (Sound Transmission Class), with great lead time for production and the ultimate techniques in design flexibility. INADOOR doors have been specifically designed for industrial and music applications as well as entertainment activities near to residential environments offering a wide variety of standard or custom finishes, sizes and acoustic seals.

Acoustic Windows: Acoustic windows can be custom made according to the application and are available from level STC-35 to STC-59.

  • Factory offices
  • Factory enclosures
  • TV studios
  • Radio studios
  • Audiometric rooms
  • Test cells
  • Translation booths
  • Music practice rooms
  • Hotels
  • Offices

INAWIN acoustic windows are laboratory tested and manufactured with precision using durable materials (aluminum or stainless/galvanized steel) with effective acoustic seals. Assembly is made ensuring the quick and simple installation with perfect integration with any construction system.