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Jack-up floating floors

The INACOUSTIC SA 300 high-performance acoustic floating floor provides a permanent, maintenance-free and cost-effective noise control solution for a wide range of applications.

The floating floor system consists of two layers separated by gas filled space and decoupled from each other with resilient pads (INACUSTIC SA 300 PADS). This design, with a proper flanking noise control, provides much higher sound insulation values than the ones that can be achieved with a unique solid floor slab. The result is a high performance acoustic floor with a relatively low weight, which can be tolerated by the modern structures.

Our engineers are available to assist you with the selection and specification of the appropriate floating floor system.

INERCO offers an excellent system to install floors and floating benches through its INACUSTIC SA 300 system. Floating floors on concrete, where the jack-up guarantees the buoyancy of the system with excellent sound insulation results, both with airborne noise and structural transmission.




  • HVAC equipment
  • Generators and engine rooms
  • Transformer rooms
  • Plant and machinery rooms
  • Cinemas, gyms, fitness and health suites
  • Theater, sport halls, casinos, nightclubs
  • Bowling alleys, dancing suits, music rooms