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Industrial Acoustics

INERCO has developed numerous industrial acoustic projects and studies, including power generation plants, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, pulp mills, metal mechanic plants, cement, iron and steel in all kind of industries that required to reduce noise emissions and verify compliance limits.

Our team of experts provides technical support in all the areas (engineering, operation, HSE, maintenance, etc.) to perform the diagnosis and definition of effective plans for noise and vibration control:

  • CFD: we use proprietary fluid-dynamic modeling to solve noise and vibration problems in pipelines and ducts and to optimize the mechanical design and selection of the components.
  • ACOUSTIC MODELING of the evolution of pressures, velocity and regenerated noise. Using Finite Element Method (FEM), the movement of fluids (steam, air, natural gas) is modeled in order to analyze and predict noise and vibration problems. HRSG boilers, pipes, compressors, motors, fans, cooling towers and other equipment installed outdoor and indoor, require the acoustic solutions that INERCO engineers: mechanical designs, structural modifications, antivibration systems, geometric modifications, optimization of coatings, selection of silencers, etc. ... all this to help to control and reduce risks related to noise and vibration with optimized engineering solutions in both outdoor and indoor.
  • DIAGNOSIS of acoustic and noise problems: identification of noise and vibration sources. INERCO performs noise and vibration measurements in order to determine if sound and vibration levels are compliance with acoustic the limits. Once the requirement is properly identified, we diagnose the problem using a combined technique of measurements and acoustic modeling, in order to quantify the noise reduction needed globally and for each source.
  • ASSESSMENT AND JUSTIFICATION FOR NEW ACOUSTIC PROJECTS. VALIDATION AND PERMITTING. INERCO has significant experience in technical validation of all kinds of new industrial projects (power plants, electric generation, fossil fuels or renewable sources, oil & gas plants, mines, cement). We analyze technical conditions, of the project and the sound emission requirements. We model the plant and determine the noise control solution that is necessary to comply with the regulation. Indoor and outdoor noise emissions are predicted and represented in the form of noise maps that include the control systems proposed (screens, enclosures, silencers, building isolation). The results of this allow the engineering and HSE departments to make modifications and take the necessary actions to protect workers and environment.
    Once the problem is diagnosed, INERCO designs a plan to reduce the noise of the installation and verify the results under several criteria:
    • Technical: what can be done to reduce noise
    • Operational: possibleminimizing the impact in the operation and maintenance of the plant
    • Safety: ensuring the integrity of the plant and its workers
    • Economical: defining the cost of implementing each solution
    INERCO provides guarantee tests in industrial plants and surroundings:
    • For equipment and machinery.
    • For areas of the plant
    • For the environment
    • For the community: evaluation of noise disturbances.
  • INDOOR NOISE ASSESSMENT. Indoor noise control sometimes is the major challenge in industrial plants. It is not just the difficulty of identifying the most important noise sources or the complexity of isolating administrative buildings (especially when both activities are in the same building) but also to incorporate the high noise levels in machinery rooms.
    INERCO has experience in industrial indoor noise assessment for a wide range of industries. Using a combined technique of in-situ noise measurements and noise modeling we can define an effective plan to reduce indoor noise.
    Our technical team and laboratory instrumentation is able to verify compliance with noise limits and evaluate vibrations:
    • Noise disturbances evaluation: in community, employees and users
    • Evaluation of noise of equipment and machinery
    • Assessment of acoustic comfort in rooms.
    • Assessment of acoustic insulation: inside rooms, exterior rooms, materials
    • Evaluation of reverberation times
    • Evaluation of vibrations: rooms, buildings
    • Vibration characterization: resonance frequencies, vibration loss of power, location of vibration transmission path.
    INERCO has an accredited acoustic laboratory for environmental and industrial acoustics in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 17025: 2005 standard.
    Our technical team performs specific monitoring plans:
    • Continuous monitoring of the sound emission of industrial sources: alarm systems in case of noise limits exceedance.
    • Set a basis for predictive maintenance plans using monitoring systems.
    • Minimize community disturbances.
    • Regulations compliance assessment.