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Filter and ventilation silencers

Design, engineering, manufacturing and worldwide delivery of silencer for the filtration and ventilation of large industrial engines.



Acoustic silencers may reach high temperatures, being required a device (like these silencers) to cool them down. It is necessary to use a fan silencer for the air inlet and also one dissipative silencer for the air outlet.



To reduce the noise level of engine casing, these silencers have three main components:

  • First, there is a chamber with air filters, which clean the air that enter into the room.
  • After the filters, there is a rectangular dissipative silencer.
  • Finally, in case of forced ventilation, there could be an additional chamber with fans.


Design parameters:

The design of these silencers depends on the following factors:

  • Air flow rate and temperature.
  • Engine data sheet.
  • Incident noise caused by engine casing.
  • Required attenuation.
  • Pressure drop required.
  • Physical space, weight or materials restrictions.


Customized design:

INERCO can adapt the design of the silencers to the client requirements:

  • Different materials: carbon steel and galvanized steel.
  • Phytosanitary packing.
  • Engineering: fluid dynamics analysis (calculation of the evolution of pressures, velocities, self-noise and temperatures).
  • Optionally acoustic measurements.
  • Optionally filters.
  • Optionally forced ventilation.
  • Accessories: pressure gauge, anti-bird mesh.