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Fan silencers

Design, engineering, manufacturing and worldwide delivery of silencer for industrial fans.



Acoustic silencers to reduce the high noise levels emitted by industrial fans and blowers. This type of silencers is located at the outlet of these equipment and they usually have a circular or rectangular shape.



Silencers are composed by a dissipative stage with concentric crowns or parallel baffles, filled with an absorbent material. When a high attenuation is required, an expansion chamber could be added before the dissipative stage.

These silencers may include an outlet connection in order to discharge the fluid wherever the client needs.


Design parameters:

The design of these silencers depends on the following:

  • Air flow rate and temperature.
  • Fan or blower data sheet.
  • Incident noise caused by fans (if apply).
  • Required attenuation.
  • Pressure drop required.
  • Physical space, weight or materials restrictions.


Customized design:

INERCO Acústica can adapt the design of the silencers to the client requirements:

  • Possibility of different materials: carbon steel and galvanized steel.
  • Phytosanitary packing.
  • Engineering: fluid dynamics analysis (calculation of the evolution of pressures, speeds, self-noise and temperatures).
  • Possibility of acoustic measurements.
  • Rectangular or circular section.
  • Possibility of anticorrosive protective coating.
  • Accessories: flanges and counter-flanges, swan neck, lifting lugs,…
  • Non-destructive test (penetrant dyes and X-rays).