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Environmental Acoustics


  • Acoustic environmental assessment of ports, airports. highways and rail lines (high speed, goods, tramcar, metro lines), on local, regional, national and international regulations.
  • Detailed measurements, analysis and identification of noise sources related to transportation.
  • Prediction of vibrations in structures, buildings and users.
  • Acoustic simulations to represent, in the form of noise maps, the noise generated by the infrastructures of transport.
  • Engineering design and technical specifications for noise and vibration control.



One critical aspect in any industrial project is to properly define the ambient noise level. It is required to define the baseline or the so-called "background noise" or "residual noise". In most of the cases, this factor will set the noise limits in a project. INERCO can provide guidance about interpretation of this phase of the project.

  • Measurements and analysis of background noise, baseline and residual noise in any kind of areas prior to the implementation of new activities.
  • Identification of noise sources and their contribution to the environmental noise level.
  • Noise maps representation using specialized software to perform acoustic simulations.



  • Measurements, analysis and detailed identification of noise and vibrations sources: machinery, factories, processes, building facilities (including HVAC)
  • Evaluation of compliance with environmental sound limits in local, regional and national regulations.
  • Advanced acoustic modeling of sound prediction and vibration models: insulation, absorption, emission and vibrations.
  • Design and preparation of technical specifications for noise and vibration control systems.
  • Turnkey project scope available for noise control systems.



  • On-site measurements and remote monitoring to verify compliance with regulatory sound limits in the construction phases of buildings and industrial plants.
  • Design and development of engineering technical specifications with temporary measures of noise and vibration control.



We are specialized in noise prediction at large wind and compliance assessment according to international systems and regulations:

  • Assessments of background noise and baseline prior to the implementation of wind turbines. Evaluation of the environmental acoustic impact of wind farms.
  • Acoustic modeling of the operation of wind turbines through advanced simulation techniques: prediction of noise levels according to the direction, speed and operating regime of the wind farm.
  • Continuous monitoring of wind farms: alarm systems in case of noise limits exceedance.
  • Minimization of disturbances of wind farms through wind turbine monitoring and modeling techniques.
  • Evaluation of facades and roofs insulation for buildings.



  • Assessments of background noise and baseline prior to the implementation of new mining operations. Evaluation of environmental acoustic impacts of mining facilities.
  • Acoustic modeling of mining activity through advanced simulation techniques: prediction of noise levels according to the operation regime, wind influence, vehicles operation, blasting, etc.
  • Continuous monitoring of the noise emissiona in mines.
  • Predictive studies of noise and vibration effects due to blasting.



  • Acoustic certificates for licenses: noise measurements (emission and immission, acoustic insulation, reverberation times).
  • Preparation of engineering and technical specifications for leisure and restoration activities: requirements and constructive solutions for acoustic insulation, vibrations, noise from installations (HVAC) and sound absorption.
  • Characterization of Zone Acoustic Saturated (ZAS).
  • Execution of insulations and acoustic coatings as solutions to noise problems.



  • Measurements and predictions of vibrations of machinery, equipment, trains and traffic and its affection to near buildings.
  • Measures and assessment of vibrations in new constructions.



Our technical performs specific monitorization plans:

  • Continuous monitoring of the sound emission.
  • Set a basis for predictive maintenance plans using monitoring systems.
  • Minimize community disturbances.