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Architecture and Building


  • Acoustic design of auditoriums using advanced acoustic modeling techniques.
  • Assessment of the definition of the acoustic insulation requirements of buildings, rooms and enclosures, recording studios, production studios, etc.
  • Analysis of the installations noise: HVAC.
  • Prediction studies of the acoustic quality of the room, diffusion of the sound, brightness and warmth of the sound, reverberation of the room, intelligibility of the floor.
  • Design and preparation of the engineering and technical specification of the partitions walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, intelligibility, etc., to comply with the acoustic quality requirements.
  • Acoustic measurements in auditoriums: acoustic quality, insulation levels, acoustic, reverberation times.
  • Implementation services and construction of acoustic solutions.



  • Measurements of noise and vibration in HVAC systems.
  • Noise predictive models of HVAC systems in buildings.
  • Acoustic studies based on the recommendations of the ASHRAE: noise and vibrations of machinery, noises through air ducts, isolation of rooms and equipment, etc.
  • Design and preparation of technical specifications for HVAC equipment and installations.
  • Supervision of acoustic assemblies in HVAC systems.
  • Expert assessment in noise and vibration problems.
  • Specialized training for installation engineers and architects.



  • Constructive design of insulation in facades, floors, ceilings, and acoustic requests for offices and commercial premises.
  • Improvement of acoustic comfort: privacy, intelligibility noise reduction in restaurants, offices, meeting rooms, laboratories.
  • Reduction of reverberation and echo in rooms.
  • Reduction of disturbances due to installations noise: facilities users and affected communities.
  • Specialized in audiovisual spaces, hospitals, health care centers, school, learning centers, museums, temples and churches.



  • Structural integrity of the building.
  • Impact sound insulation.
  • Assessment on human comfort.
  • HVAC vibration.