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Acoustic Services


INERCO offers a wide range of innovative products and services to achieve the acoustic requirements for every project (industrial or arquitecture and building acoustics): from new construction projects to retrofits our services are: environmental impact, noise at workplace, discomfort to the community, acoustic comfort, machines and industrial equipment noise.

We have been working for over 30 years in the industrial, environmental and architectural and building sectors. Our team of experts provides solutions to acoustics challenges related to environment protection, human health, safety and well-being. We perform:

  • Consultancy: multidisciplinary technicial team specialized in acoustics: environmental, industrial, architecture, residential, commercial and audiovisual.
  • Engineering: experts in design, manufacture and implementation of noise and vibration control systems.
  • Manufacturing: industrial and HVAC silencers design and manufacture, as well as an extensive range of passive noise control products.
  • EPC: turnkey project format is available for any of our acoustic solutions in industry, buildings and environment.
  • Noise and vibration measurements: INERCO offers noise and vibration measurement services as an acoustic laboratory certified by ISO 17025.

Whatever the acoustic problem is: control noise, reduce vibrations, noise isolation, control the reverberation, isolate vibrations, etc.,... INERCO has the experience and resources to provide the proper solution.