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Acoustic enclosures

INERCO offers a wide range of acoustic for applications of soundproofing / acoustic insulation related to the worker´s protection against noise.

INERCO offers reliable solutions at reasonable cost in response to all needs related to soundproofing (preventive and curative) through ergonomic equipment especially designed.

The acoustic barriers for machines and systems offered by INERCO include:


INAMODUL: Modular wall system, cost-effective and customized solution for roof systems, electrical sub-stations, oil and gas compressor stations, residential compliance, loading docks, railways and airport noise. INAMODUL is quickly and easily assembled, providing high levels of sound absorption (noise reduction) and transmission loss (noise blocking). Project management assistance, design, engineering and manufacturing are included with the purchase. INAMODUL can be delivered as a kit ready to be assembled with instructions or can be turnkey installed.


INAWALL: Acoustic mobile barrier specially designed for confined spaces like a workshop. A INAWALL module (6 m2 or 65sqf) can be easily handled by a single person, allowing provisional and independent acoustic walls, without installation.